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We Can Help With Your Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing real estate for your business, financing a building project, and refinancing an existing commercial real estate loan deserve special attention from an attorney who is familiar with business entities and their legal structures.

Because our attorneys are familiar with business entities and agreements, we are prepared to tackle your commercial real estate transaction. Often a commercial purchase involves buying someone else’s ongoing business, and in these instances, it is important to hire an attorney who can handle and advise you on all parts of the transaction.

If you are getting a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan for a real estate transaction in our area, call us to reach attorney Daniel O’Connor. SBA loans under the 7(a) Loan Program and other programs require special attention to detail and substantial cooperation between the SBA lender and closing attorney. Not every attorney or firm is equipped and prepared to handle an SBA transaction, but here at Bryant & O'Connor Law Firm, we will have you covered.

Let Us Help You Avoid Unnecessary Postponements

Our attorneys at Bryant & O'Connor Law Firm have experience assisting business owners with preparing a thorough closing checklist, drafting loan documents, and assembling your business’s organizational documents.

We will help you stay organized throughout the process and updated as to the current status of the requisite deliverables to close your loan. In addition to obtaining the security deed, proof of your authority to close the loan, and your organization’s documents prior to a successful closing, you may need:

  • A complete property survey
  • Property condition report or a third-party property inspection report
  • An appraisal
  • A zoning confirmation letter, or a third-party zoning report, from the local municipality to confirm that the property is in compliance with local zoning requirements and conditions for approval
  • Title commitment and any exceptions running with the title
  • Evidence of property insurance
  • Tenant estoppel certificates
  • Subordination, nondisturbance and attornment agreements
  • Property condition report or a third-party property inspection report
  • Environmental reports
  • Permanent certificates of occupancy for all buildings on the property

You may also have to provide a property management agreement, a letter of credit, a closing protection letter, and other requirements for underwriting of the loan. When you engage Bryant & O'Connor Law Firm for assistance with your commercial real estate closing, our attorneys will be at your side every step of the way to assist you in meeting your closing conditions.

Contact An Experienced Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Contact Bryant & O'Connor Law Firm in Vidalia at 912-788-5095 when you have the opportunity for investing in commercial and residential real estate in Georgia. We will help streamline the process so you can begin to realize your goals with less stress. Our attorneys are also here to help you protect your investment with estate planning and business succession plans.

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