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Estate Planning When You Have Children To Raise

No one wants to think about their death, especially in the midst of raising young children. You may be too tired or too busy with school schedules, sports events or orthodontist visits to even think of it. But think of it you must. Proper estate planning allows you remain in control of critical parenting decisions for your children if you and your child’s other parent were to suddenly die or become incapacitated at the same time.

With an estate plan that considers your children’s future, you have the power to nominate your choice of guardian for your children. Absent a nomination for guardian, the state of Georgia will step in to appoint a suitable guardian to shepherd your child’s well-being, including meeting their basic requirements such as safe housing, medical treatment, schooling and other legal needs.

When you create your estate plan, you will have the ability to carve out provisions for their health care, education, higher education, college or trade school expenses and standard of living as well as for receiving the property you wish to have them inherit when they are adults. Without good planning, the appointment of a conservator may be necessary.

If your child has special needs, our attorneys are here to anticipate their needs as minors as well adults with a special needs trust.

Your Child’s Inheritance Is Not Just About Things Financial

Your children’s most precious legacy is the time spent with you while you are alive. Your core values and the memories you have with them are worth preserving in perpetuity. Our attorneys are sensitive to protecting your child’s upbringing and the legacy you provide along with the lessons you wish to communicate, your insights and your stories. If you want to leave a message to your children, we will personally guide you to create a lasting digital recording for your children and other loved ones to treasure long after you are gone.

We Will Help You Create A Meaningful Legacy

Contact our attorneys at Bryant & O'Connor Law Firm in Vidalia for help creating a truly meaningful legacy for your children. Our clients tell us they appreciate how our holistic and comprehensive estate planning has helped them to intentionally pass along their legacy and insights to their loved ones. Call us at 912-788-5095 or send us an email to learn more.

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