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At Bryant & O'Connor Law Firm, we help our clients plan for the long-term. Whether you are managing your own estate, running a business, buying or selling real estate, or navigating the probate process after losing a loved one, we can help you accomplish your goals with clarity and confidence.

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Advisors For Your Family and Your Business, Serving Vidalia, Southeast and Middle Georgia Communities

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Experienced Legal Advice For Families And Small Businesses

Bryant & O'Connor Law Firm helps Georgians realize their dreams for their families and businesses by planning for growth, protecting what they’ve worked for, and providing an opportunity for succession planning so that what one generation has learned and earned is not lost.

When making plans for your business, your family, or your real estate holdings, it’s important to have experienced legal advice so that you make strategic decisions with confidence. We will help you understand the options you are facing so that you are empowered to make a solid plan for the future.

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We are grateful for Bryant & O’Connor Law Firm. Daniel and Rizza really took the time to help ensure our family legacy will live on in the event something happens to us. It is a blessing to know how much they truly care about you and your family.

– Josh & Jana Owen

Planning For Your Family’s Future

We would much rather help you develop and implement a workable estate plan today than help those you leave behind to clean up a mess down the road. We can help you create a detailed plan for your estate, so that you can rest assured that your wishes will be carried out and your loved ones will be provided for when the time comes.

We do not want make any assumptions about what the best plan is for you before we meet with you. A plan for you and your family is more than a prescribed set of documents. You need a trusted advisor to help you carry out your intent, and sometimes a simple will is not enough.

The biggest error we see people make, besides no planning at all, is assuming that one document or another will help their family. We understand that your life and legacy cannot be captured in form documents, and therefore we invest extra time learning about you and educating you on your options so that you will have a complete estate plan that works.

Real Estate Sales, Purchases And More

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Sound Legal Guidance For Georgia Business Owners

We love to see our clients succeed. For many of the small business owners we serve, success means building and maintaining a profitable business while protecting hard-earned personal assets. We have worked with businesses in a variety of industries and we can help you structure your business to advance your interests.

We handle setting up corporations, LLCs, and partnerships, as well as drafting business agreements with your partners. We particularly enjoy helping business clients with their commercial real estate transactions, including working with lenders and franchisors such as restaurant and hotel chains. Our goal is always our client’s success.

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