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Understanding A Kids Protection Plan®

Did you know that 69% of parents have not yet named guardians for their kids?

And of the 31% who have, most have made one of 6 common mistakes? Click this link to review the 6 common mistakes most parents (and their lawyers!) make when naming legal guardians and then schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session with us today, so we can fix those mistakes with you.

Having A Will Alone Simply Does Not Ensure The Care Of Your Kids If The Unthinkable Happens To You

If you are a parent of minor children (or those with special needs) who are counting on you, your estate plan must begin with your children would always be taken care of by the people you want, in the way you want, no matter what happens.

At Bryant & O'Connor Law Firm, one of our areas of greatest expertise is planning for the well-being and care of the children you love.

Without Proper Planning, If The Unthinkable Happens To You, Here’s What Could Happen

  • Your children could be placed into Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) even if you have a will in place; even if you have a living trust while your legal documents or located or your family is identified. Or worse, your kids could be left in the care of the one person in your family you would never want raising them;
  • A Judge who doesn’t know you, or your family, will decide who will raise your kids, even if it’s the last person you would ever want;
  • Approximately 5% of the total value of your assets could be lost due to probate, a court process that can tie up your assets for months or years and deprive your kids of the resources they need to live comfortably;
  • When your kids turn 18, they get a check for whatever assets are left – outright with no protection
  • There are unscrupulous people who make it their business to review public records to find out what 18 year olds are coming into money;
  • The vast majority of estate planning attorneys simply do not address these issues, and do not plan from a parent’s perspective.

Yes, these things scare us too. That’s why we offer a Kids Protection Plan® with every estate plan we prepare for families with young children.

What Is A Kids Protection Plan®?

A Kids Protection Plan® is a set of instructions, legal documents and even an ID card for your wallet, which you need to have if you have kids at home who count on you for their well-being and care.

If you are in an Accident and have a properly implemented Kids Protection Plan®, your Kids Protection Plan® will make sure your children are never taken into the custody of Child Protective Services, strangers or the care of anyone you wouldn’t want because the authorities don’t have clear instructions from you. Your Kids Protection Plan® will ensure your children are raised by people you choose, not someone chosen by a Judge who doesn’t know you.

To get started with a plan to protect your children’s future, and schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session.

Even if you aren’t ready to schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session with our firm, we still want to offer you an opportunity to name guardians for your children.  In 10 minutes, this FREE website will ensure that you have nominated both “emergency on-call” guardians and “permanent” guardians for your minor children.  You can also but in writing who you would not want to have guardianship over your kids.  We would rather you have this than nothing.  Just please note that the documents that you create on your are not reviewed by an attorney and do not constitute legal advice or work product.

These free documents also do not offer protection for your children with regard to any financial resources or property that you might intend to leave them. If you own property and are concerned about the financial care of your children, we would encourage you to call or text us and ask how you can get a Family Wealth Planning Session at no cost. If you meet the conditions for a free planning session, you would not pay us anything unless you decide it makes sense to plan with us.

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