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Organize Your Life and Legacy around More than Money

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Firm News

Have you ever considered that your wealth consists of not just money and worldly possessions, but more importantly human, intellectual, and spiritual values? Part of being a responsible adult is being deliberate about developing and passing on an inheritance of good character, stewardship, and other legacies important to you. You do not have to be a millionaire to have wealth worth preserving for your loved ones. You absolutely need to be responsible in the management of your financial affairs, especially if you are not rich, but consider what else you ought to grow and preserve.

What will happen if you don’t actively instill your ethics into your kids? How about your stories? Don’t doubt that you have something very valuable to leave behind. Legacy or estate planning should be more than creating a few documents – done right, it is a process lived out, demonstrated, and passed on to the people you care about. It won’t happen by accident, and thus I hope you will take on the responsibility of being a positive influence on the people you could leave behind by organizing your own life so that your labors and gained knowledge are not lost. Part of this responsibility is of course meeting with trusted advisors who will ask you the right questions to ensure that whatever plan you have in place will in fact protect you and your family. With your consent and willingness to accept this responsibility, your advisors should guide you to make decisions which will protect you while making it possible for your legacy to not be lost when you inevitably leave this earth or become incapacitated. You do not need to be scared of the future because with proper mindset and planning you can rest easy, live in the present, and be the person the Lord intended you to be. Connect with legal, financial, and spiritual advisors who you can rely upon to provide good counsel on these issues. Be deliberate about this, and do not delay.