Schedule a Mediation with Macky Bryant, Certified Mediator


Southeast Georgia Mediator

With four conference rooms, Bryant O’Connor LLP’s offices have been optimized for hosting mediations. Macky Bryant is a Certified Mediator who mediates civil and divorce matters. In this capacity, Mr. Bryant acts as a third-party neutral assisting the adverse parties reach a compromise as an alternative to continuing litigation. If you are interested in scheduling mediation at our office in Vidalia or elsewhere, call us at 912-537-9021.

How Mediation Works

Generally, mediation is an opportunity for opposing parties to meet in a non-threatening atmosphere and resolve their case by agreement, as opposed to leaving the matter to a judge or jury. If no settlement is reached, the parties retain the right to continue litigating their case. In many cases, Bryant O’Connor LLP, recommends mediation to its own clients. In most mediations, the opposing parties initially meet together with their attorneys and the mediator. At this opening meeting, both sides have an opportunity to express their perspective of the case. After this meeting, the two sides go to separate rooms and caucus, and the mediator will pass communications between the parties until either the two sides settle the matter or determine that they cannot reach a settlement. The mediator has no authority to bind the parties, and thus mediation is not binding unless the parties agree to a settlement. As mediator, Macky Bryant lends his 45 years of trial experience to assist the parties resolve their cases.

Mediation of Civil Litigation Claims

Mediation is an alternative to the drawn out litigation process. Courtroom litigation is expensive and emotionally draining. Additionally, the outcome is determined in a public forum by a judge or jury. Mediation offers a private and confidential setting for the parties to negotiate their case in an efficient manner.

Divorce Mediation in Vidalia

Family law disputes typically involve matters the parties would like to keep private. Litigation is conducted in a very public forum, in which your private matters may be unveiled. Mediation, on the other hand, is held in a confidential setting and offers the parties an alternative to hashing out their dispute in court. It is an opportunity to come to terms on issues such as custody, child support, alimony, property division, debt division, and other issues. Macky Bryant offers mediation services in divorces, custody battles, and other family law matters.