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Estate planning is necessary, even if you are not wealthy. Pondering your own incapacity or death is not the most pleasant topic, but at some point, you or your loved one will face this difficult subject. By planning ahead, you have the power to make decisions about medical and business issues should you become incapacitated due to illness or an accident. You also have the power to determine what happens to your property when you die, including the protection of your assets. Additionally, a properly drafted will can help your family during the probate of your estate by preventing confusion concerning how your assets should be distributed. Without a will or other enforceable plan, state law dictates how your property will pass. An attorney can assist you in making an educated decision about your plans and can draft the documents necessary to carry out those plans. The attorneys at Bryant O’Connor LLP in Vidalia, offer estate planning advice and can produce documents necessary to carry out your intentions, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advanced directives, survivorship deeds, and others.

Probate of Your Loved One’s Estate

Whether or not your loved one had a will, their estate will need to be probated if they owned any property at the time they died. Failure to probate an estate in a timely manner can result in costly complications down the road. Vidalia Attorneys Macky Bryant and Daniel O’Connor are prepared to guide you through the probate process. Our attorneys represent executors and administrators in all Georgia Probate Courts. We also represent heirs who have a legal reason to contest a will or probate proceedings. Sometimes estate litigation is necessary to protect your rights, and our attorneys can help you make smart decisions when such a situation arises.

Guardianship or Conservatorship Proceedings

It is difficult to witness a loved one when they are unable to help themselves. Our lawyers can help you establish a guardianship or conservatorship when it is necessary. When a guardianship is established, the guardian takes responsibility for major decisions concerning health care, education, and personal care of the minor or incapacitated adult. A conservatorship can be established when a minor or incapacitated adult has assets that must be managed.