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Georgia Divorce and Family Lawyers

Vidalia, Dublin, and Statesboro Divorce Attorneys

Divorce is often a painful experience for a number of reasons. It frequently creates family turmoil and causes financial stress. Sometimes divorce is the result of an abusive or adulterous spouse. No matter the situation, the attorneys of Bryant O’Connor LLP, understand the difficulties of divorce because they have helped many clients get through it. Most importantly, they understand what rights you need protected during the divorce process, including equitable division of property, alimony, custody of children, child support, protection of your separate property, and other interests. Whether your divorce will be contested or uncontested, our lawyers will guide you through the process and advocate for your rights. Our attorneys also represent clients in modification actions due to changed circumstances. Macky Bryant is the primary resource in the firm for domestic relations representation.

Enforcement of Child Support and Custody Arrangements

Despite what a court has ordered, your ex-husband or ex-wife may ignore the court’s orders with respect to child support, custody, or alimony. In such cases, a contempt action may be necessary if nothing else works. Macky Bryant can help you when such action becomes necessary.

Vidalia, Dublin, and Statesboro Adoption Attorneys

Our office has found that people have many different reasons for seeking an adoption. It may be to enable inheritance from a stepparent or to recognize formally what has developed into a parent-child relationship. Of course it is often a choice to take in a child who needs a parent. Whatever the reason, it is always a personal choice. Unfortunately, adoption requires approval by a court and can be a complex process. If you should need assistance in getting an adoption, our attorneys can help. They have helped many children and parents become legally united through adoption in Middle and Southeast Georgia.