Georgia Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers

Criminal Defense

Georgia Criminal Defense Attorneys in Vidalia

When you have been charged with a crime, or if you think you will be charged with a crime, you can either defend yourself or subject yourself to the will of the government. To give yourself the best opportunity to obtain justice, you need a skilled lawyer to stand between you and the governmental entity prosecuting you. The earlier you retain a criminal defense attorney, the better your attorney can protect your rights. An attorney familiar with Georgia law and constitutional protections can investigate the facts of your case and develop defenses you otherwise might not discover. Daniel O’Connor represents people charged with crimes in the Georgia Federal Courts, Georgia Superior Courts, Georgia State Courts, and Georgia Juvenile Courts. While a plea deal may be the best option for you in some cases, our attorneys are more than willing to take your case to trial when trial serves your interests best. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you can rely on our attorneys to provide you with a vigorous defense.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Southeast Georgia and Middle Georgia

Pleading guilty or being convicted of traffic violations can cost you greatly. You can lose your driver’s license, your job, and a good bit of your money, depending on the charge.  Your insurance rate may also go up. Before pleading guilty to a traffic citation by simply paying the fine or defending yourself on your own, you need to retain the services of a lawyer who will take the time to review the evidence against you and determine whether you have any defenses to the charges or if there is a way to mitigate against the default outcome. If you get a citation in our area, give Daniel O’Connor or Macky Bryant a call. Our attorneys may be able to help you in a local traffic court, with the exception of Vidalia Municipal Court, where we both serve as municipal judges and cannot speak to you outside of court.